The French Touch is Booming!

You may ask yourself what is “The French Touch”? Originally, the term was used to describe the influence of the French on electronic music. Nowadays, it is used in a more global sense, including the influence of French in companies and how this marks a successful company. The idea is that, in order to make its mark in the world, a company needs to stand out with fresh, exciting, original ideas, which we call « The French Touch ». 

Companies such as the directing duo “We are from LA” have become international names with their 24h music video “Happy” for Pharrell Williams, which was an instant hit around the world. They are also responsible for creating the most viewed advert of all time with “Baby and Me” for Evian, as well as the innovation of Indie music group Cassius’ video “I love you so”. These examples were successful as they conserved the French tradition but also introduced ground breaking ideas into each of the videos. Even the last campaigns of French Automotive leader Renault is poiting out the French Touch.

French Touch Renault

French Touch movement and companies

An example of a company that fits into the French Touch movement is web design and communications agency Agoralys. Thanks to its relaxed atmosphere but strong work ethic it establishes itself as an up and coming business around the globe, with offices in France (Toulouse – Headquarters), Amsterdam, Barcelona and shortly in California. T

he agency is made up of marketing and communications professionals, designers, web developers, SEO experts, and social media experts. With over 12 years of experience in marketing guidance and business development, the agency works side by side with companies during the entirety of their projects. The agency specialises in the conception and the development of websites as well as project management and administration.

The agency’s goal is to communicate with clients through newsletters, emails, promotional videos, community management and e-reputation. At Agoralys, they truly believe that digital strategy is a crucial element in being able to galvanise a company. It is also essential in order to communicate its presence and increase its visibility around the world to new clients. The agency has fresh new ideas and is made up of a versatile, talented, dynamic team that is ready to invest time and energy into new, exciting projects.

French Touch Conference

Many up and coming companies take part in the “French Touch Conference”, which took place this year in New York City on June 26th and 27th. Throughout two days, the conference assembled leading contributors with backgrounds in digital, tech, lifestyle and design. Both entrepreneurs, business experts and other actors in the start-up ecosystem came to debate about their experiences in innovation, business, and ingenuity and about how all three interact together. 200 to 300 people attended, including journalists, investors and CEOs. T

he conference offered a variety of lectures, testimonials, debates, workshops and pitch sessions. It was a space to learn about French Tech: an incipient generation of entrepreneurs that is internationalized, ready to undertake today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges. The unusual thing about this conference is that most of the attendees were French. The conference’s goal is to amass in one place, two ecosystems: French Tech and New York Tech, in order to engender better relationships between New York City and France.

French Tech Conference

The conception of the French Touch amasses
incipient digital technologies and business,
but additionally a lifestyle and contemporary art.
The companies that are a component of the movement
all share the same commitment towards
promoting innovation and entrepreneurship,
in France and across the world.
They are all world class innovators and entrepreneurs,
disrupting the current business landscape.

By Elspeth Highley

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